CA Elite Water Softener eliminates hard water problems with ion exchange technology that removes calcium and magnesium ions. Its efficient and low-maintenance meter-based system saves water and has a user-friendly interface. It’s a reliable and durable investment in your home, with a warranty for peace of mind. Improve your water quality with CA Elite Water Softener.

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drinking water system

Drinking Water Systems

Water systems ensure safe access to clean water using various purification techniques. They can treat water from multiple sources, including groundwater, surface water, and rainwater. Drinking water systems use filtration, disinfection, mineralization, and chemical treatments to ensure safe water. They are crucial to public health as contamination can cause sickness. Used for homes, businesses and public facilities, they can be designed for cities or countrysides. Drinking water systems are dependable with proper maintenance, providing clean water access for many years.

soft water system

Soft Water Systems

Water softening systems are designed to remove hard water minerals by utilizing methods such as ion exchange, reverse osmosis, or chemical precipitation. These systems provide a range of advantages, including increased lathering, reduced soap scum, enhanced energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance. The availability of various sizes makes it functional for both residential and commercial use. Although soft water contains high sodium levels, it might not be appropriate for those on a low-sodium diet. Overall, water softening systems are a convenient and reliable means of enhancing water quality and diminishing the adverse effects of hard water.

water filtration system

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are effective in eliminating impurities from drinking water. These systems utilize various methods such as activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light to guarantee the quality of water. Activated carbon filters absorb impurities, while reverse osmosis employs a semipermeable membrane that separates particles, and UV-C light removes harmful microorganisms from water. The type of water filtration system chosen depends on the water source, intended use, and impurities present. Water filtration systems are commonly used in homes, businesses, and industries alike, as they help to improve water’s taste, odor, and overall quality. These systems are a necessary investment in ensuring that all those who consume water are provided with safe and clean water.

deionize water system

Deionized Water Systems

Deionized water systems utilize ion exchange technology to effectively eliminate minerals and ions present in water, producing purified water that is vital for numerous high-purity industrial applications. The sizes of these systems vary and can be customized to meet specific requirements. Deionized water systems offer a reliable, cost-effective solution as they provide optimal production of high-quality purified water without requiring additional costs for water treatment plants.

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CA Elite Water Softener
Based on 10 reviews
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Based on 10 reviews
CA Elite Water Softener
Based on 10 reviews
We purchased a water softening system about 3 weeks ago, and my skin has never felt so good! Chase was exceptional at explaining the benefits of the system and we decided to go for it, and I am sooo glad we did. I have really dry skin and since the system got installed (flawless install btw) my skin feels so much better! The whole family noticed immediate differences. Basically it’s like drinking and bathing in spring water, it is incredible. Out of all the purchases/upgrades for the house, this one is my favorite! Chase did a great job! We are very happy customers and highly recommend California Elite Water. The difference in our water is unreal
Chase did a great job reviewing the products on his first pitch! We enjoyed learning more about our water and the products offered.
CA Elite Installed a full water treatment in my home. I am very happy with the product.
I’m incredibly pleased with the water softening equipment I purchased from CA Elite Water Softener. It was easy to install, and the results have been remarkable. No more limescale or soap scum!
I can’t express enough just how thrilled I am with the outstanding service and quality provided by Ryan at California Elite Water! From the moment I reached out to the company, they were easy to deal with and coordinate a water test and schedule the install.Before having their whole-home water filtration and softener system installed, I was dealing with some serious water quality issues. My water was causing all sorts of plumbing problems. I was buying water bottles constantly, not just for drinking but also for cooking because I couldn’t trust the tap water. Ryan explained our their alkaline is different and absorbs in our bodies differently than other companies at you can definitely tell and taste the difference!
The customer servie provided was exceptional. They were attentive, responsive, and genuinely intrested in ensuring I had the right solution for my home.
I had a seamless experience purchasing a water softening system from them. They guided me through the selection process and provided detailed instructions for installation. I’m extremely satisfied.
If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable water softening equipment supplier, look no further. This organization offers top-of-the-line products and outstanding customer support. I am so thankful.
I highly recommend this company. They have a wide range of products to choose from, and their knowledgeable staff helped me select the perfect system for my home.
I recently purchased a water softening system from CA Elite Water Softener, and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the product is excellent, and the service provided to me was excellent throughout the entire process.
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